Business Sponsorship Services

Our business sponsor services will ensure you don’t spend time on searching for a UAE national, instead we will provide you with a reputed ideal UAE nominee to act as your local sponsor, safeguarding the financial and operational control of your business.
 In UAE when setting up a new business it’s obligatory to have a local sponsor involved.  A trading company must have legal documents to show that a UAE national is a shareholder.
A local sponsor is a UAE national/Emirati who acts as a service representative of your business when you set up a locally licensed company in the UAE. A partner closely aligned to your goals and supportive in every aspects of the business makes all the difference when doing business in the UAE, GCC and wider Middle East region.
We help you co-create your business with an apt local sponsor to represent your business in a variety of ways, with direct linkage and knowledge of governmental procedures in the UAE

Investor Right Protection Contract

As a business set up services company, we value our clients and develop very honest, transparent and winning relation with them. We offer the most practical and authentic business solutions to ensure their venture growth. Our investor protection contract is supported by all courts in the UAE and we offer services across the Emirates. We help you with the defined regulations you have to adhere to and subsequent contract writing in presence of all investors. In any case of run time dispute, these contracts are of supreme importance in the court and help in fair judgments. Besides the Rights of the owner, the contract also clearly states the responsibility of every owner in different types of business setups.
 Just intent to start your business and rest will be handled by us!