Corporate Services

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) was formed in 1971 and is situated on the edge of the Arabian Peninsula. Over the past 10 or so years, tourism and a diverse economy has transformed the UAE into a regional hub making it an attractive and exciting country full of opportunity for foreign investors.
As a center for world trade and commerce, the UAE provides great access to Asia, Africa, Southern u0026amp; Eastern Europe and the rest of the Middle East. Its world class ports and airports provide key links for international trade.
There are many exciting business opportunities in the UAE and several routes to market. The right route to market for your business will depend upon key factors, including the nature of your business and, to some extent, the positioning of your target clients or customers.
At Future Planz we have many  years of legal and commercial expertise in advising and assisting international organizations and entrepreneurs with their ‘mainland’ market entry (i.e. outside a UAE Free Trade Zone which is reserved for specialized activities). This includes ensuring that the business is correctly structured and holds all the correct authorisations and licences it requires to comply with local laws and regulations.
If you are looking to develop a solid, long-term foothold in the Middle East, develop an existing UAE business or replace your existing local sponsor/partner to gain more control of your business, The Best Business Centre is the ideal partner for you,